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Labours of Love- Canadians Talk About Adoption” now available!

Labours of Love, Canadians Talk about Adoption by Deborah a. Brennan

Labours of Love
Canadians Talk About Adoption

by Deborah A. Brennan

An honest and compelling look at what it means to be an adoptive parent, an adoptee, and a birth parent.

The experiences in adoption, by every member of the constellation, are fraught with the entire gamut of human emotion.

Labours of Love chronicles the journeys of Canadians who have overcome heartbreaking obstacles to become parents. Their stories are as diverse as our country, and span the borders of our world. While each account is unique in its own way, the stories are connected by the overwhelming commonality of the power of human connection.

Labours of Love unearths an issue that is still stigmatized in some areas of the country. Through conversations with adoptive parents, adoptees, and birthparents who reveal their inmost feelings, the reader will gain a new understanding of the complexities of adoption. What shines through this societal veil, however, is the undeniable element of celebration — of the children we love — whose origin, while important, has little to do with their precious place in our hearts.

Labours of Love includes, among the twenty families profiled, contributions from some Canadians you may recognize; Hayley Wickenheiser, Jeff Healey and Sonja Smits. I appreciate their generousity in sharing personal adoption experiences.

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